The Last Motel by Brett McBean
Special Edition Pre-Order

To celebrate the re-release of Brett McBean's debut novel, The Last Motel, LegumeMan Books is excited to present to you a strictly limited lettered edition (that's 26 copies, folks). This project has been a long time in the making and we're proud to be able to do it justice.

When The Last Motel was originally released, it was done so in an incomplete form. What many people didn't know at the time was that his book was a novelisation of one of Brett Mc'Bean's favourite Australian slasher films. In 1981, The Last Motel was theatrically released and was soon banned before having a chance to become part of Australia's cinematic consciousness. It was only due to a fortuitous meeting between Brett McBean and the film's (now deceased) director, Bruce 'Butch' Callaghan that the edition you see today is even possible.

Utilising original promotional material such as lobby cards, film stills and posters, we've been able to assemble a package that does justice to the original film. We were even granted permission to re-create the original VHS jacket insert when designing the book. As well as this, we've managed to obtain a copy of the film's trailer and original motion picture sound track (mastered from original reel recordings).

So what exactly do you get when you purchase this very special edition?

- A copy of The Last Motel signed by author, Brett McBean
- Reproductions of five lobby cards that accompanied the film's original theatrical release
- An A3 reproduction of an original poster that accompanied the film's release
- The entire soundtrack composed by Lucio Cardio
- A copy of the theatrical trailer

All this goodness is housed in a VHS case with an exact replica of the original jacket insert. Take a look at these photos to get a better idea:

special edition
The lobby Cards

The poster

The soundtrack

The book

video case
Each special edition comes packaged in a VHS case with insert

The trailer

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Only 26 copies of the special lettered edition are available for pre-order. To do so, please click the buy it now link. The cost of the lettered edition is $50AUD. If you have any preferences regarding which letter you receive, please contact us and we will do what we can. All enquiries about this item can be directed to

$50 AUD. Non-Australian customers, please email us first.


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